Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 12

Hi Alex, Just to let you know. The bitterballen were delicious!! My French friend, who had them years ago in Bijlen (where his father then worked) closed his eyes when he took the first bite and all he said (with a beatific gleam on his face was; MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So, they were darn good! Thanks again…

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Mabel VdB

Veggie Burger Testimonials Avatar

Had the veggie burger last night and have to say it’s the best one so far! It’s so fresh, it’s amazing. My family is vegetarian and they are very pleased as well! Often veggie burgers are dry and too hard. These are super moist and soft, but still compact. The quality of the burger is…

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Ton W

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 11

Dear Alex, This morning I received the very well shipped “kroketten en bitterballen”. My wife and I just couldn’t wait to test them and really enjoyed “kroketten op brood met mosterd”  after we deep-fried them according to your instructions. It was one of the best lunches we ever had in years. We certainly will recommend…

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Evert D.

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 10

Dear Mr. Voorn and Staff, Thank you very much for the quick and proper handling, great! The croquettes are delicious, Kwekkeboom in Amsterdam can not surpass you. Our mutual until the next order. Warm regards, Evert and Irma.

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Hans S

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 09

Hey Alex; The meat bitterballen and kroketten were out of this world! Mathilde and I have been all over this world and laid our hands on bitterballen wherever we could get them. Yours are the best. And this is counting in famous wholesalers and restaurants in Holland and Dutch cruise ships! We still have to…

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Cha L

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 23

Good day. I am going to refer you to some of my friends in new york and she will refer you to others from Curacao. Your croquettes are just fabulous!! I am ordering more soon this week for a party.

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Anna B

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 22

My husband loved the Croquettes. It was a surprise lunch for his birthday. We are recommending you to all of our friends. Posted it on Facebook as well. Thank you so much.

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Peter M

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 08

Hi, happy new year. Just wanted to let you know we received the croquettes in time for my son’s birthday and the taste was just like my mom used to make. FEBO has nothing on you! Good luck with your business, hope you do well in the coming year. Thanks.

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Sylvia C

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 21

Hi Alex – I wanted to let you know that we have eaten the croquettes with old & new (that’s the only time in the year that I have something frying). They were perfect and delicious!!! My British husband and American boys also found them super yummy. Certainly I will order more – and am…

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Ellen H

Croquettes Testimonials Avatar 20

Your Croquettes were the absolute best! The packaging was exceptional…The Shipping was exceptional, arrived on time as promised. You have a new customer! I will be ordering from you again soon. Thank you so much for bringing a little of Holland to Arizona. Thank you for the samples and business cards. Your company is A+…

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