About Us

Voorn Gourmet Croquettes LLC, is owned by two Dutch-American Families based in South Florida, USA. Alex Voorn is the founder of Voorn Croquettes and Coenraad Bijlsma joined in March 2015 as co-owner.

Alex Voorn received his Culinary Arts degree in Baking and Pastry, in the Netherlands and his Fine Arts Degree, in Canada. He has held numerous Executive Pastry chef positions around the Caribbean and Florida. Reconnecting with his Dutch heritage, Alex introduced the original Dutch snack food bitterballen and kroketten to his family and friends and immediately had a following. Voorn Croquettes LLC was born! As Executive Chef, Alex oversees product development, production, and quality control.

Coenraad Bijlsma was educated in the Netherlands with a B.A. in Business and in the U.K. with a M.B.A. from Bradford University. Coenraad has held diverse positions in the Travel & Hospitality industry and start-up world. Coenraad is responsible for business development, distribution, marketing and sales, and finance.

Shared passions for food and Dutch culture brought Coenraad and Alex together. Together, their passion is to produce the best quality and handcrafted products. Providing great customer service is the basis for their success. Food can bring back great memories from the past or it can create new memories. Voorn Kroketten and Bitterballen can also provide a link to ones heritage. With our Vegan Veggie Burger, we have created a new food experience based on the best ingredients, full of flavor and texture. Hearing how much our customers enjoy our products brings us tremendous pride and gives us fresh energy into developing new products.